What kind of orange juice is best for your body?



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    If the question is between pulp and pulp-free orange juice, than orange juice with pulp is better for your body. The pulp contains a large amount of flavonoids, which help with many metabolic processes in your body. The rest of the orange, the juicy part, does contain Vitamin C; however, flavonoids and Vitamin C need to work together. When the flavonoids are lost, many of the health benefits of the orange are lost as well. This is why most nutritionists recommend eating any fruit whole over drinking it in juice form. There are many nutrients and health benefits that are often lost in the process of juicing, and many more “hidden” calories. Additionally, many juices contain a lot of extra sugar. It is always good to choose a brand labeled 100% juice, but make sure you are checking sugar content and additional additives on the label.

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    Tropicana as its not artificial and no extras plus it tastes fabulous. I drink it daily. 

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