What kind of oil is used to make glass and plastic?



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    Glass isn’t made from oil, first of all. Plastic is formed by taking hydrocarbons from any source available, which is typically crude oil, but natural gas, corn, or other forms of biomass can also be used. To get the required hydrocarbons out of crude oil, it’s heated to more than 750 degrees Farenheit, separating the components. this creates little pellets which are then shipped to whichever plastic company and then made into bottles, boxes, and the like. This pellet system works out well fro recycling as well, as plastic can be shredded up and melted back into pellets to be reused. Plastic made from crude oil takes a really long time to biodegrade, so either avoid it as much as possible, recycle what you do use, or use plastics made with potato or corn starch, which are desined to biogdegrade.

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    Most plastics are petroleum based.  Petroleum is crude oil.  Therefore most plastic products are made from crude oil and the manipulation of it.

    Glass is typically a silica based product, sometimes naturally occurring.  However there is plastic (therefore oil based) glass, called acrylic glass which is used as an alternative clear glass.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylic_glass

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