What kind of oil drilling is worst for the environment?



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    Oil drilling has to be done with the most up-to-date technology to be less harmful for the environment. It changes the geological composition of the Earth, therefore it can become harmful for the environment. The “new” developments in shale gas drilling – i.e. gas that can be trapped while drilling oil – can be very dangerous for the environment. This is because they use the fracking technology, a combination of fracturing and cracking the rocks underground with hi-tech fluids.  Besides this, oil drilling that does not take into account the correlated gas emissions and flares those, doubles the harm to the environment.

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    Any type of drilling can have potential hazards for the environment, as we all witnessed recently with the gulf spill.  The resource is limited no matter how you extract it, and we should shift away from even thinking of it as a viable option when there are so many negatives tied to it.  We have the technology for more efficient sources of energy and fuel…so let’s use it already.  Clearly, off-shore drilling isn’t any safer than land drilling when the perfect conditions for disaster are present.

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