What kind of nutrients does lettuce have?



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    Lettuce is good in a number of ways. It is low in sodium and saturated fats. It also has high amounts of Vitamin B, Calcium, and is a very good source of dietary fiber. 

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    Darker leafed lettuces have the most nutrients, so romaine is one of the best while iceberg is the least nutricious. Romaine in particular is heralded for being an excellent source of 6 vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene, manganese, potassium, and vitamins A and K. It is recommended that you cut or tear your lettuce as little as possible, as doing so releases nutrient-sapping enzymes, causing you to lose “94% of [the] cancer-fighting flavonoids.”

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    All variety of lettuces contain both chlorophyll and vitamin K, but the most nutritious lettuce is romaine. Only romaine is embedded with six varieties of minerals in addition to chromium & manganese. Overall, the darker leafed lettuce varieties contain the most nutrients and aid in optimal liver health. 

    To get the most nutrients from your lettuce you should avoid chopping & tearing because this can strip away beneficial flavanoids that help to fight cancer. 

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    The health benefits of darker greens like kale and spinach are extraordinary. Kale apparently has been shown to prevent and perhaps even cure a number of types of cancers. Spinach is one of the most iron-rich foods by volume (if cooked). Check out this link for more details about the health benefits of lettuce: http://hubpages.com/hub/Growing-Backyard-Lettuce-What-a-Re-Leaf

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