What kind of nutrients are in potatoes?



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    Potatoes have plenty of potassium, vitamin C, typtophan (a type of protein), manganese and fiber. It is also relatively low in calories and pretty filling, in my opinion. Potatoes have lots of antioxidants that have been said to be similar levels as broccoli. People are always saying that potatoes are bad for you, it is still a vegetable, so eat up! (probably baked or steamed)

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    Potatoes have a bad reputtion for being low in nutritional value and mostly strach. But some claim them to be a important staple food and very healthy. They have vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, tryptophan, manganese, fiber, and copper.


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    Potatoes are also on the list of top 10 veggies to buy organic.

    Unfortunately, organic potatoes can be considerably more expensive, and in my experience, the ones in stores often seem to be grown with other chemicals which give them an awful taste. (And which are presumably bad for you, too.) This is probably a case where the USDA and FDA simply haven’t caught up with some “organic” techniques that aren’t any better than the non-organic ones.

    Unfortunately that leaves potato lovers between a rock and a hard place, at least for now. Possibly farmer’s markets can locally be a good alternative source.

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    well they have a lot of vitamin A so your eyesight and skin would improve.

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    Potatoes cotain much of vitamin A (0.1 mg), Vitamin B (1.5 mg)

    And a good amount of Vitamin K and E

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