What kind of music would you say has the best environmental message?



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    I would have to say folk/rock/indie music tends to incorporate more environmental themes than some other genres. The website below lists some artists that have come out with environmentally-oriented songs. Some of these artists include Sting with “Message in a Bottle,” Gorillaz with “Stop the Dams,” and Joni Mitchell with “Big Yellow Taxi.” There’s also the indie-pop group called Cloud Cult, which strives to make its music-making extremely eco-friendly.

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    Folk music is definitely a big genre when it comes to discussing environmental issues in song. Folk artists have been singing about the world and how human actions shape it for decades before the popularization of a “green movement”. More about the environmental history of folk music can be found at the link cited below.

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    I am a fan of classical music that focuses on portraying sounds of nature. Antonio Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons, is an outstanding piece that represents the power and natural wonders of earths four seasons. While the environmental message may take interpretation, I feel this type of music exemplifies the mental, emotional, and rythmic feelings that are generated by each passing season. 

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    Honestly, all genres of music can provide an environmental message. Rush provides an environmental message with “The Trees”, Mos Def provides a message with “New World Water” and The Gorillaz provide a message with “Plastic Beach.” Now that the environment is becoming an even larger issue, many musicians and artists are creating music with content relevant to the environment.

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    Hi Haney,

    I think all genres of music can be helpful to covey environment friendly messages. It relates to different types of environmental transformations: social, economic, political, cultural or technological, while environmental changes can be heard in music and sounds capes. There has been an increase in academic discourse relating to the ecology of sound, or ‘green music’, often in relation to the preservation of an environment’s sonority.

    This is my ever-growing list of environmental songs that I made from http://www.musicforte.com in which some are just related to general progressive issue “Calling Around the World” by Thomas Donovan “Calypso” by John Denver, “Clear Blue Skies” by Crosby, “Coal Tattoo” by The Kingston Trio “Death of Mother Nature Suite” by Kansas and many more as well. They always give me a inspiration to do something for our environment.

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