What kind of metal is the best for the environment?



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    I would say that iron is the best metal for the environment because it is abundant in Earth’s crust, easy to mine, easy to refine, and we already have a bunch of it sitting around in junkyards that we can recycle easily. Aluminum is also a good metal to use because it is more abundant. However, we have only started using it recently and don’t have huge piles of it sitting around to recycle. Making fresh aluminum from virgin ore takes a lot more energy than recycling it. However, aluminum has an advantage over iron for certain applications because it is lighter. When transporting goods such as foodstuffs. aluminum is a good choice because the energy it takes to transport something increases with the weight of the item being transported.

    Cast Iron is good for cooking because people need a certain amount of iron in their diet to have healthy blood. My mom was once rejected for donating blood because her iron levels were too low, and stared taking iron supplements so she could donate blood again. So… it all depends on the application of the metal which one you want to use!

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