What kind of meat is the easiest on the environment?



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    Mostly organic sustainable meat. Cows and chickens that have free range, are fed natural foods, aren’t treated with antibiotics (because they have free range) and aren’t given growth hormones (because they are eating a more nutritious food and are given more time to mature.) 

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    Beef production releases more greenhouse-gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined. So, not beef!

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    In a British assessment of various meats on seven categories–use of energy, pesticides, land, and nonrenewable resources; and impacts on global warming, acidification, and eutrophication (a type of water polution)–they found that chicken and turkey were the “greenest” meats, while beef and lamb were the least environmentally friendly.

    Of course, when buying meat, there are a number of other environmental factors to consider besides the type of meat. Whether the meat comes from a local or a remote source, for example, can make a huge difference in how environmentally friendly the meat is since long-distance transportation often requires a great deal of energy.

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