What kind of material is inside of an eye?



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    The eye is filled with a fluid known as vitreous humor.  It is a clear gel that simply fills space between the retina and the lens.  This gel begins to liquify as we age.  The link below has a very helpful interactive diagram that shows the detailed parts of the eye with definitions of each part – it’s pretty interesting!

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    Two more interesting parts of the eye are the rods and cones which are our photoreceptors.  The rods allow us to see well at low light levels, while the cones enable us to see in normal light, and give us the power to detect colors.  People who are color blind generally have more adapted rods and can see better at night.  Find out more here. http://www.cis.rit.edu/people/faculty/montag/vandplite/pages/chap_9/ch9p1.html

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