What kind of leash should I get for my dog? Leather or something else?



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    If being environmentally conscious is your concern, there are several options available to you. There are leashes made from hemp, recycled plastic, and even bamboo. There is a lot of selection available that you can choose from that doesn’t harm cows (like leather). If you are solely anti-animal cruelty, a regular non-leather leash at any store that sells pet products would be a good choice. The website below has a full online store of eco-friendly dog products.

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    A harness is a better alternative to use over a leash. It does not harm the dog like a leash does. At any pet store you will find harnesses (not made of leather) that will fit any sized dog.

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    Definately, a harness! You can buy these at any pet store like the previous answer stated in many styles, fabrics, and sizes. If you want to be animal-friendly don’t go with the leather option, go with a simple canvas or cloth one. Besides, these are softer materials that are easier to wash and maintain. Check out earthdoggy.com. They have a great selection for eco-friendly dog items for decent prices. Plus, they have a wide variety of choices to suit every dog and owner 🙂

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