What kind of job can you get if you are an archaeologist?



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    Acheologists can work in many different domains, including the univeristy setting, museums, the federal government, or with investigations crews. They can teach, analyze and survey sites and artifacts, and often publish what they find. There are loads of job options available to archeologists with varying degrees, and a more in-depth listing is cited below.

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    There are many types of jobs available for archeologists, some examples include: Archivist, underwater archeologist, urban planner, geoarcheologist, site/land surveyor, forensic analyst, building inspector, preservationist/restorer, or environmental impact advisor. Some employers that hire archeologists are: universities, libraries, the government, insurance companies, parks/historical sites, museums, construction companies, and development organizations.

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    Many archaeologists choose to work for a university so that they can have research funding, etc. You can also seek funding from a private organization or corporation intersted in archaeological research. Museums are also great sources of archaeology jobs. Go to the site Shovel Bums for more info about archaeology jobs and schools.

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