What kind of impact would the us reducing their carbon footprint have on the rest of the world?



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    Reducing our carbon footprint would reduce tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that our daily ways of doing things create each year. United States residents, even those with the lowest usage of energy, still produce, on average, more than double the global per-capita average. You can measure your own your household’s carbon footprint and find out how many earth’s it would take if every person lived the way that you do. Suggestions are also provided on how you can reduce your emissions and live more “green”.

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    Well, pollutants don’t adhere to border boundary laws, so any reduction of pollutants in the US would benefit our neighboring countries to a certain degree. Mainly though, I think the biggest impact the US would have on the world if we reduce our carbon footprint would be that of influence. Basically, if other countries witness the US being successful in this endeavor, I think they would be more inclinded to try to match or beat our success rate.

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