What kind of green house gases do large cities have?



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    Metropolitan areas are the dominant source of CO2 emissions.

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    Carbon dioxide is probably the main greenhouse being released in cities through the burning of fossil fuels (coal for electricity, oil for fuel), burning waste, manufacturing cement, and deforestation. Methane is another greenhouse gas that comes from burning fossil fuels, mining, food digestion by cattle, and burying waste in landfills. Another greenhouse gas is nitrous oxide, coming from the burning of organic waste, the use of agricultural fertilizers and industrial production of nylon (these may account for up to 40% of total nitrous oxide sources). These previous gases all occur naturally on our planet as well. CFCs and HCFCs are other greenhouse gases, but are entirely man made. These not only act as greenhouse gases but also contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer.

    Any and all of these gases can be found in large cities.

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