What kind of green car do you think Americans are looking for?



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    One that is exactly in every way like the cars we drive today, but that use a fuel that doesn’t harm the atmosphere. The car must accelerate, brake, air condition, and basically be a home on wheels as we are accustomed to. The fuel must just not be gasoline, as long as there are very low emissions, even no emissions that is the green car I think Americans are looking for. 

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    I think one thing Americans definitely want, and in particular their political representatives, is a green car that is made in America.  As well, maybe people in the heartland of the state are angered by the perceived arrogance by people who drive fuel efficient and hybrid cars.  It is still a political symbol, and that needs to change.

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    I’ll second all of the above. To add to that, it’s gotta be an SUV, a minivan, or a pickup truck. Or a Hummer. Anything the size of Smart cars won’t work. Well, except for environmentally-friendly-leaning cities with very limited parking, and even then probably only after parking spaces and meters at proper distances are set up for them. I live in New York City and I’ve only seen a few Smarts around despite the ever-present heavy traffic and parking that’s impossible to find. And you’d still have to own a large car anyway for long-distance travel.

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