What kind of grain do humans use the most of?



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    Corn is actually considered a grain crop.  In American alone, there were 72.7 million acres of corn grown in the year 2000.  That same year the world produced 23 billion bushels of corn, with America producing 10 billion of that.  About one fourth of crops grown in the United States are corn grain crops.  Corn is used as a food source for both domesticated animals and humans.  Take time to look at the ingredients on food products and observe how often corn or corn derivatives (ie: high fructose corn syrup) are present.

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    According to the EPA, the harvested acreage of soybeans is equal to the harvested acreage of corn. In 2000, both corn and soybeans were harvested at 72.7 million acres. However, corn produced more profit than soybeans, which does indeed indicate that corn is more valuable than soybeans. Corn produced $15.1 billion while soybeans produced $12.5 billion. Soybeans are a very close second to corn.

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    The type of grain most used by humans vary according to choice and race. Among the West Africans rice is the most important follwed by corn Other races might place pririty on corn or wheat.

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    humans eats a lot of bread because u can put anything with it.

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