What kind of glue is used for Plywood?



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    Titebond glue is good for plywood because it is moisture resistant.  Plywood continuously exchanges moisture with its surroundings, even with moisture particles in the air.

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    MR (moisture resistant) glue is commonly used on plywood. Depending on the project, waterproof glue may be necessary–say for constructing a boat; however, these types of glue are both available at home improvement stores. 

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    Both moisture resistant, MR, and water boiled proof, WBP, glues are used in plywood.  Neither are names for a specific brand or type of glue, however, and are merely properties of the glue (similar to how markers can have the property of being permanent or washable).  

    MR glue gives plywood a moisture resistant quality and is used primarily indoors, while WBP glue plywood is extremely moisture resistant (it can be placed in boling water without delaminating) and therefore can be used indoors and outdoors indiscriminately.  

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