What kind of food has the highest transportation costs?



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    No matter where you live, buying foods that have been shipped from across the world are always going to be the most expensive to transport, simply from the distance they have to travel. Frozen foods and meat consume more energy than nonperishables, because they must be kept at certain temperatures for the duration of the journey. However, as a general rule, the food that is in the highest demand across the world at the moment costs the most to ship, since the quantity in demand increases.

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    Another way to think about this question is from the perspective of ingredients. Food items that are made up of multiple ingredients (such as some snack foods, frozen dinners, or meals in a box) have travelled, in total, more miles than a food item that is a single ingredient (such as an apple) even if these items are produced in the same region and purchased in the same region. In a way, meat products can have multiple ingredients in them, as the animals are often raised for the first year or so of their life in one place and then transported to another place, often quite far away, to spend the last few months before they are harvested.

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