What kind of fish migrates the furthest?



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    With the ability to live in fresh or saltwater, salmon can migrate thousands of miles.  Of all the Pacific salmon species, the sockeye salmon travels the furthest.  Their journey begins on the west coast of North America and can continue as far as Russia or Japan.  Salmon will spend many years in ocean waters before returning to their place of birth to spawn and shortly after die.

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    Recently, scientists have tagged two subspecies of Atlantic bluefin tuna to learn more about their migration patterns and the distances they travel annually. The two species forage together in a common area in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. They separate to return to their spawning grounds and breed. The two distinct breeding locations are in the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean sea. Both of the tuna species have been observed swimming upwards of 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) to opposite reaches of the Atlantic ocean.Bluefish tuna migration

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