What kind of exercises are good for the environment?



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    I’d say the best exercises for the environment are those that don’t involve a lot of work out equipment. For example, it’s better for the environment to go running through a park, rather than buying a treadmill. Even though running through a park requires exercise clothing that takes resources to manufacture, it’s still better than what it would take to make a treadmill. Swimming in the ocean or a lake would be another great alternative. 

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    You can also get exercise while actively doing something that helps the environment. I don’t enjoy working out in a gym, so I like to go hiking and when I do I bring a bag to collect garbage in, because there is always trash on the trails, and depending on the area, it might not get picked up before it can get buried or do damage, if at all. If hiking isn’t your thing, go to Goodwill or another thrift store and buy some used equipment like weights or a jump rope and workout at home using stuff that already exists instead of buying new.

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    I believe the kinds of exercises that are good for the environment are those that directly improve the environment, like beach clean-ups. While picking up trash on a beach, you are active by walking and moving around. Another one is tree planting. You help beautify the city and also work out your strength. Another one is trail maintenance. You get to hike the trails, while helping make the trails better and safer.  I think exercise doesn’t have to be something routine and planned out, as long as you are not sitting idly on your butt, you are exercising. 

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