What kind of environmental jobs can I get without a Bachelor’s degree?



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    The place to start would probably be canvassing jobs. Groups like Greenpeace, etc., are always looking for people to help raise funds, gather signatures, and that kind of thing. It’s not glamorous but it’s work and someone needs to do it. With time you could probably work your way up to a more administrative position.

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    Also, Environment America is always looking for field workers and canvassers.

    If you are willing there are many community colleges and tech colleges that provide classes so you can become trained in a certain field, i.e solar PV classes , which are the leading ones.

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    You can work in green building construction, or renewable energy installation. Getting LEED or BPI certified does not require a degree. After working in these fields for a while, you could also work your way up to project managing.

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