What kind of energy is the worst for your health?



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    Nuclear energy is generally considered the worst type of energy for your health. Nuclear radiation has been proven to be carcinogenic and generally detrimental to human health. In addition, towns with nuclear power plants tend to have higher levels of deformations than towns without them

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    While Nuclear Energy provides a false clean energy solution, extractive practices such as mountaintop removal, extractive coal mining practices create toxic sludge in community, called slurry embankments, that can potentially kill thousands of people if gone unmanaged, such as brushy fork and Coal River Mountain. Coal burning plants also produce high amounts of CO2 emissions that have been linked to early deaths, such as heart attacks.

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    I interpreted this question in a different sense than the above.  My immediate reaction was, “negative energy” is the worst for your health.  negative energy can actually inhibit your cells and prevent them from engaging in what they are designed to do.  Negative energy and thinking can actually make you sick, or attract conditions that will scientifically make you unhealthy. Conversely, positive energy is the best for your health.

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