What kind of policies does Mexico have on their water quality?



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    Priorities at the national level are set through six year state development plans. The 2007-2012 National Water Program is aimed at reaching the following:

    Improve water productivity in agriculture
    Improve access and quality to water supply and sanitation
    Support integrated and sustainable water resources management in basins and aquifers
    Improve the technical, administrative and financial development in the sector
    Consolidate user and society participation and in this way support economic use
    Prevent risks of meteorological phenomenons
    Evaluate the effects of climate change to the water cycle
    Create a culture in compliance with the sector law

    Federal policies for water and sanitation are set by the CONAGUA, which became a well-established autonomous entity under the Ministry of Environment. CONAGUA plays a key role in the sector’s financial allocation. Besides water supply and sanitation, it is also responsible for water resources management, irrigation, flood protection and personnel services.[18]

    At the regional level, responsibility for water supply and sanitation vary among the 31 Mexican states. Most of them have created State Water Commissions, which are autonomous entities that are usually under the authority of the State Ministry of Public Works. Most of them provide technical assistance to municipalities and some operate water distribution systems.

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