what kind of music do you think can define the green movement?



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    Anything that can is really accessible digitally, so that people from all over the world can hear it. Ideally it would be a song that people can learn to play, as well. Right now the music that defines the green movement seems to be reggae or folk (or at least have those influences) possibly because those are easy kinds of music to disseminate and easy for folks to cover on their own.

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    Pearl Jam, they are the most politically conscious band that come to mind.

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    I think music that incorporated natural sounds and traditional instruments along with environmentally conscious lyrics would be in keeping with the green movement. For instance, one could have songs that featured different environmental themes – protection of the oceans could include whale and wave sounds, along with “watery” instruments like the glass harmonica, the flute, chimes, tubas (for fog horns). There is such a huge palette of possibilities, I hope it becomes a more popular theme of music.

    A glass harmonica:

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