What kind of diseases can trees get?



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    In the U.S., 20 tree diseases account for the bulk of tree decay and death. The top three include American Chestnut Blight, an incurable fungus that has all but wiped out commercial chestnut trees; Amillaria Root Rot, a fungus that attacks hardwoods and softwoods and kills shrubs; and Anthracnose and Leaf Spot Diseases, which attack hardwoods like sycamores, white oaks, black walnuts, and dogwoods, making it especially threatening to shade trees in urban areas.

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    American chestnut blight is a tree disease that destroyed much of the American chestnut trees. There is no cure for this fungus. There are different tyes of root rot that affect trees as well. The Amarillia root rot fungus kills hardwood and softwood trees as well as vines and shrubs. The Annosus root rot attacks coniferous trees. Anthracnose is another disease that affects hardwood trees.

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