What kind of disease is tetanus?



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    A bacterial infection.

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    Tetanus, or lockjaw, is an ordinarily treatable bacterial infection of the nervous system.  It occurs when Clostridium tetani spores, which are found in feces, soil and dust, enter the body through a wound and create the poison tetanospasmin.  Tetanospasmin results first in small jaw muscle spasms and then agonizing spasms of the back and abdominal muscles.  Untreated tetanus and its complications lead to death in about 25% of those infected.

    Decadal tetanus immunization is an effectual way to prevent the disease.  If one is unfortunate enough to be infected, he or she may undergo treatment that includes antibiotics, muscle relaxers and sometimes surgery.  

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    Tetanus is a type of bacterial infection (Clostridium tetani) that enters the body through a deep cut or severe burn that is characterised by poor oxygen exposure and little bleeding. That’s why as kids you’re always told to be careful of rusty nails (at least that was always the threat I was warned of…). Though the infection, which occurs as the toxin is produced and transported to the brain, is often referred to as lockjaw, the muscle spasms usually occur over the entire body. When the spasms occur in the jaw, it can become impossible to swallow or open your mouth and may lead to suffocation.

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