What kind of degree do you need to study earthquakes?



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    Geology; at a minimum some significant geology courses. It might be possible to get a job studying earthquakes with a math or physics degree, but you can’t really understand earthquakes without understanding geology.

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    Now that many institutions are giving students the option to design their own majors, I would think that you would have the ability to go into a program where you would be able to study geology with a concentration in earthquakes in your desired. The possibilities are endless really now that colleges are giving these sorts of loose guidelines for majors. It’s really great.

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    According to US News, the best graduate programs for geology are at the following colleges/universities:

    University of Arizona 

    University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

    Pen State University–University Park

    University of Texas–Austin



    For a more extensive list, refer to the link below.


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