What kind of dance is the best exercise?



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    Hip-hop dancing is pretty great for an all-over workout, as well as a cardio workout, but if you’re interested in toning your legs you should try something like Irish step or highland dancing.  Capoeira, however, is probably the most incredible workout of all the dances–an hour of capoeira burns 500 calories.

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    i would have to say any type of dance that you think you will consistently stick to and that you enjoy. The fact that you will enjoy it will mean that you are more likely to integrate it into you routine, and this consistency will help you to see results in your weight loss plan. Also, without a proper diet, no exercise will make much of a difference thus, try to eat well also.

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    Many dances are considered aerobic by nature of all the constant repetitive movement, and can provide a great workout. But strength training in exercise should definitely be taken into account, as muscle development can increase the body’s metabolism (through the virtue of more muscle creating more basal metabolic rate) and overall health. Toward this end, I would suggest ballet–holding positions for extended periods of time can make a muscle work a lot, and often has the repetitiveness of an aerobic exercise during some of its other routines.

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    Depends on what kind of workout you want.  Ballet is good for flexibility and balance, while something like hip hop would be a better cardio workout.  I took a modern dance class a few months ago and was surprised at how exhausted I was afterwards!  Basically, any kind of dance is great exercise — but some are better for certain factors than others.

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