What kind of damage do plastic bottles do to our oceans?



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    Plastic pollution in our oceans damages animals first and humans second. Plastic pollution effects AT LEAST 267 marine animal species. When plastic begins to breakdown via photodegradation (from sunlight), it turns into lots of tiny floating pieces.  Many times animals including fish, turtles, and birds eat the tiny bits of plastic thinking that it is their food, namely jelly fish.  I’m sure that we can all understand that it is detrimental to animal’s health to eat plastic.

    So how does it effect us?  These low on the food chain animals are then eaten by larger fish, many of which people eat.  So now, we are eating animals who ate and lived with plastic inside their bodies.  This plastic is most likely contains BPA, a proven hormone disruptor which has also been linked to many cancers.  Even if you don’t eat fish, fish is used in fertilizers in industrial agriculture.  We are all effected by plastic pollution.  

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    Plastic bottles in the ocean contribute to masses of floating garbage caught in spinning ocean currents called gyres throughout our oceans. These garbage islands are primarily made up from tiny shreds of plastics, but contain all sorts of plastic trash. The largest one of these garbage islands is known as the Great Pacific Garbage and is approximately the size of Texas. 

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