What kind of policy could be decided in Copenhagen?



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    In Copenhagen, either nothing was achieved or the wheels were set in motion for a global environmental revolution, depending on who you ask. Initially, caps were going to be set for greenhouse gas and CO2 emmissions. This was reduced to a temperature cap, meaning that countries agreed the average temprature should not rise more than 2 degrees higher than its current level (This implies emissions reductions because in order to achieve this goal emissions will have to be cut significantly). Also, the schizm between rich and poor countries was accentuated, because most of the financial burden of worldwide policy reform lies with the economomic powerhouses, mainly the U.S, Brazil, Russia, India and China (this is fair enough because most of the environmental degradation has been caused by these countries).


    Again, nothing was actually decided except that something needs to be done. As usual with global politics, it will take a long time for any real reform to take place. Hopefully the wheels were set in motion for these reforms in the future.

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