What kind of clothes you want to buy?

With the coming of winter, What kind of clothes you want to buy? How about Moncler?



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    In general, you want to find the best ratio of cost to use (how much you will wear it, how durable will it be?), factoring in appearance (will you enjoy wearing it — is it presentable? how is the fit?) with other concerns — what fabric is the clothing? Was it made sustainably?

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    I agree with dtsang in that you have to evaluate how much you will wear something, and factor in the cost of the product. It’s ok to splurge and buy something that is expensive and top of the line if you’re going to get a lot of use out of it.

    As far as eco-friendly and sustainably produced clothing, that is always a great option to pursue in your shopping. I linked to a site that produces organic clothing (made from organic cotton and hemp), so feel free to check that out. If you’re concerned with winter weather, they have sweaters, sweatshirts, and thick woolen socks.

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    With the winter coming I have been a mission to find a vintage or handmade cape/cloak.  It has been so difficult because my budget is pretty small and my taste is really picky.  Winter is my favorite to purchase clothes because I LOVE going to thrift stores and buying old, goofy sweaters for like $3 a piece.  

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