What kind of climate do you need to grow olives?



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    The perfect climate for growing olives would have mild winters and long, warm, dry summers.  This pretty much describes a subtropical climate which includes mainly zones 10 and 11, but some hardier trees can grow in zones 8 and 9.  In the U.S. this would include southern, coastal portions for California, Texas, and Florida. Hard freezes will damage, and perhaps kill the tree.

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    Olive trees grow well in a subtropical environment, with mild winters and dry summers.  They succumb to freezes that last for several days; temperatures below 22 degrees Fahrenheit will kill small branches, while temperatures below 15 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the tree.  They need a long summer as well; there should be no frost while they are blooming (late April-mid May) and they shouldn’t freeze before they’re harvested.

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    Olives need climates that don’t dip too low in temperature, with long warm summers — subtropical regions, essentially. Frost will kill trees, and severe cold will harm them severely. Olives can be grown indoors, but need a small cold period to trigger their spring bloom.

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    All of the above answers are correct.  Additionally, olive trees are tough. They are known to grow in areas unsuitable for much else, like steep hillsides, areas with poor soil and places where water is scarce.

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    The Mediterranean-type climate is best. Parts of California, Texas, and Florida have this type of climate too.

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