What kind of climate do turtles like?



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    It depends on the type of turtle. Aquatic turtles can live in swamps, oceans, freshwater lakes, ponds, and streams. Land turtles (often known as tortoises) live in deserts, forests, and grasslands. These areas encompass a wide variety of climates, and it appears the only climate turtles don’t like is in the arctic regions.

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    Well, that really depends on your turtle as far as specifics go. There are 300 species of turtles, both on land and in water, and they are found on every continent minus Antarctica. Now, because they are cold blooded reptiles they enjoy their warmth rather than cold.

    The Loggerhead turtle likes temperate and subtropical waters, the alligator snapping turtle likes the Southwest US… so it likes things to be hot! While the pig-nosed likes the climate tropical. The African Spurred Tortoise likes things to be hot and dry, and the bog turtle likes cool, slow moving water.

    Basically, you can be sure that the climate needs to be fairly warm, but it varies from species to species.

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