What kind of citrus tree needs the most water?



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    It matters less what type of citrus tree you’re planting and more what type of soil you’re planting it in. Heavy soils of course will hold the water longer. Some monitoring will let you develop a pattern. Soil moisture a couple of inches below the surface should be maintained to feel damp to the touch. In a well-drained soil, this should be maintained by watering every couple of weeks–once the tree is established. Citrus will tolerate a lot of variation, but avoid letting the leaves wilt for lack of moisture and puddling, which indicates excessive moisture–and stay somewhere in between.

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    Citrus trees don’t need as much water as many other kinds of trees, and most do well on a conservative to moderate watering regime. However, among citrus trees, the ones that need the most water are in the grapefruit family. Grapefruit trees grow larger and produce larger fruits than most citrus trees, and, as a consequence, they need more water to feed their growth.

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