What kind of chickens lay the extra large eggs?



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    Linked is a chart of chicken breeds, and the types of eggs they are apt to laying. Chickens that lay “well above average” sized eggs are of the Delaware breed. Also of note for large egg size are the Leghorn, Plymouth rock, Minorca, as well as others. Many chicken breeds have variatons among egg sizes.

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    Extra large or jumbo eggs aren’t all laid by one type of chicken; actually, just how big an egg has to be to qualify as “extra large” varies from company to company. But there are particular breeds of chickens that lay larger eggs on average. Here are several breeds that lay some of the largest eggs:

    The commercial leghorn. These probably lay most of the eggs you’d find at the super market, as they’re very popular in factory farms. Their eggs are large and white. 

    The Rhode Island Red. These birds are nice because they’re among the most reliable egg producers, and are easy to raise both free range or in more confined settings.  Their eggs are large and brown.

    The red star sexlink. They come in several different types and lay large brown eggs. 


    The Delaware. These birds are said to have a calm temperment, although supposedly they’re not as easy to find as some other breeds. Their eggs are brown and extra large.


    Barnevelders. They’re large birds that take a long time to mature, but their eggs are nice and big as well. The eggs are a very deep brown, darker than most chicken eggs.

    Some other chicken breeds that lay big eggs are the Andalusian, Chantecler, Plymouth Rock and Wyandotte. You can find lots of excellent information on different chicken breeds with the Henderson’s Chicken Breed chart, included in the citations. 

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