What kind of cheese is best for the environment?



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    Surprisingly, the production of a lot of cheese has as bad an effect on the environment as the production of meats.  There is a large amount of effect on the environment when getting the milk that is used because you have to raise the cows, sheep, and goats.  Generally, cheese made from cows and goats is much more environmentally friendly than sheep because sheep produce twice as much methane, and you get less milk.  After getting the milk, a lot of the environmental impact has to do with processing and refrigeration.  Thus, cheeses with shorter maturing time and less processing are best.  Also, soft cheese is generally better.  This narrows the names down to cheeses like feta, chevre, brie, along with America’s top selling cheese, Mozzerella.  All of those are made from cows or goats, soft cheeses, little processing, and very little maturing time.

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