What kind of changes happen when ocean acidification happens?



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    Increased CO2 in the atmosphere leads to increased uptake by the oceans.  This increased CO2 in the oceans leads to acidification, which in turn has an effect on the wildlife.  I found a great interactive map that details many effects of decreasing the pH of the ocean waters, I recommend taking a look by clicking on the citation below.  A few examples include; Decreased ability of animals with shells, such as the Calcidiscus leptoperous, to form their protective shells.  Whales will be affected due to increased distances that sound waves will be able to travel, possibly making it harder for them to locate food, mates and judedistance.  Lastly, the clownfish will have a harder time smelling the sea anemonies they rely on for protection.

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    The effects on coral reefs would be pronounced as well.  The increase in ocean temperature paired with the decline in available carbonate ions for calcium production in the animals that create the carbonate exoskeletons of coral reefs would lead to the degeneration of reef ecosystems.  The slow death of the underwater rain forests would have extremely negative effects on the surrounding marine life that depends on the reef’s health to survive.

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