what kind of centipede is the most poisonous?



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    There are estimated to exist 8,000 species of centipedes in the world.  Of those, 3,000 species are known and documented.  They occupy a variety of habitats from deserts to tropical rainforests.  Although centipedes are poisonous, they are not nearly as dangerous as scorpions or venomous spiders.  The most harmful centipedes are of the genus Scolopendra.  The Scolopendra Gigantea is the largest species; they can grow to lengths up to 26 cm.

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    There aren’t that many species of centipedes that have been known to be fatal to humans, but there are some species out there that are. Scolopendra subspinipes has killed a 7-year old Filipino girl before and Scolopendra morsitans bit a Turkish man who died from complications that arose after the bite.

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    All centipedes have venom, however, they are not really known to be fatal to humans. The bites tend to be painful but they are not generally dangerous. The amazonian centipede is the largest of these specices, grow to be longer than 35 millimeters with 46 legs and can consume large animals. A bite from this centipede probably is the most dangerous, however, even then it’s not exactly fatal.

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