What kind of carbon offsets is the United States using?



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    There are a number of different types of carbon offsets–more than 200, in fact. Carbon offsets can come from renewable energy sources, the collection of methane from farm animals or landfills, increases in energy efficiency, carbon sequestration, reforestation, or other means. There are examples of all of these types of carbon offsets being used in the United States and around the world, so I’m not sure that the US has any particular type of offset that predominates or is different than anyone else. It’s important to distinguish between carbon offsets and carbon credits, which are units of measurement of carbon reduction primarily intended for commercial exchange (part of a “cap and trade” system). Carbon credits are what you trade on the Chicago Climate Exchange, but creating carbon offsets on the ground (or in the air, as it were) are how you generate them. Right now Europe is the largest market for carbon credits but there are smaller voluntary markets in the United States, such as the one I mentioned in Chicago. Some US states also trade carbon credits on regional exchanges.

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