What kind of animals burrow into the ground?



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    Well, fossorial means relating to burrowing or living underground. Fossorial animals are adapted to living underground as the hands, feet, and bone structure are designed around digging. Aardvarks, armadillos, and moles are some examples fossorial animals.

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    Some more interesting animals to add to this list: groundhogs, prairie dogs, and other ground squirrels are often excellent diggers (especially the prairie dogs). There are burrowing owls, which take advantage of the burrows dug by prairie dogs. Black-eyed ferrets make use of prairie dog burrows as well, as the prarie dogs are their chief prey. African meerkats also have complex burrows. There are many bees, ants, and wasps which make their nests and hives underground. Badgers are excellent diggers. The naked mole rat lives an almost entirely subterranean existence mimicking in mammalian form the lifestyle of social insect colonies. Finally, the mole salamanders (such as spotted and tiger salamanders) live primarily underground. This is far from comprehensive. Hope these were some helpful examples.

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