What kind of plants are used for green walls?



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    Plants such as ivy and other climbing vegetation are used for green walls. This is because these type of plants are dense and lush which grows quickly. If the green wall is a module construction then small individual plants that don’t commonly grow vertically can be used.

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    Here is a list of some popular plants used for green walls:

    Some popular plants (for temperate climates) include:

    • Actinidia
    • Akebia quinata/trifoliata
    • Aristolochia
    • Campsis
    • Celastrus
    • Clematis
    • Cotoneaster
    • Euonymus fortunei
    • Hedera
    • Humulus lupulus
    • Hydrangea petiolaris
    • Lonicera
    • Parthenocissus tricuspidata/quinquefolia/inserta
    • Vitis berlandieri / riparia
    • Polygonum auberti
    • Pyracantha
    • Wisteria

    Also, here is a video of the making of a green wall:


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