What kind of sports are the best for exercise?



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    The best exercise is probably swimming. Swimming is a full body exercise yet it is very low impact and low stress for joints and bones. Next would be cross-country skiing which is also full-body, but with a little more impact. Then running–the classic exercise–its cheap but high impact. Finally, bicycling which can be expensive and dangerous (compared to the other exercises) but is still a good workout.

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    Forbes released a list of top 10 healthiest sports by factoring in quality of exercise as well as risk of injury. The top sport was squash, followed by rowing, rock climbing, swimming, cross country skiing, basketball, cycling, running, modern pentathlon and boxing. Still, tennis remains my favorite for calorie burning as well as skill and endurance.

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    I’ve always thought that swimming was the best exercise. The resistance in the water allows for a total body workout. It builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness, and is a great way to warm up before doing another form of exercise. Also, people of all ages can swim – it doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout to gain great health benefits.

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