What kind of animals would have a connection to tigers?

Such as a bird would have a connection with a crocodile because it picks food out of its teeth!



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    Tigers are pretty high on the food chain, they may have a connection to the types of animals they eat in the wild (which are dependent on what area of the world they live in).  For example, Bengal tigers eat wild boar, monkeys, and buffalo, among other things.  

    However, if the “connection” you are looking for is symbiotic in nature, jackals are one connection to tigers because they eat the leftovers of a tiger’s kill.  

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    As far as I can tell, tigers don’t really have relationships as symbiotic in nature as those of crocodiles and birds. Most of their relationships are either predator-prey or predator-scavenger, like stateofkate’s jackal example. 

    What a tiger eats depends on the type of tiger and where it lives. Ungulates (hooved mammals) seem to be popular across the board, though. 

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