What kind of animals are threatened by the oil spill in the gulf?



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    You can imagine any kind of marine life is threatened. Sea turtles, all kinds of fish, dolphins, pelicans, crabs, whales, manatees, herons, all kinds of shorebirds and migratory birds. The list goes on.

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    There are many animals being affected. Some of these, like the Ridley Sea Turtle, is highly endangered. The baby sea turtles float around on sea weed and other sea plants, but they think the floating oil is actually plant matter so they are swarming towards the oil.

    The oil also is covering birds and affectings manatees, fishes, and marine mammals like dolphins and whales.

    We also do not think about all of the invertebrates that live in the Gulf that will be affected. These include lobsters and worms and plankton.

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    From the largest mammal to the smallest bacteria.  There has been a lot of pictures of oil covered fish and pelicans on the news, but they are only a portion of the victims.  Entire ecosystems are being destroyed — all wildlife in the region are threatened.  Even outside of the immediate region, the changes in the Gulf’s ecosystem will undoubtedly affect the larger ecosystem and food chain of the southeast portion of the U.S. 

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    All sea life is threatened by the gulf oil spill.  Also, many bird species are being affected.  We are all threatened by the oil spill, as we eat the fish that have been contaminated but managed to swim away and survive.  The surviving birds have picked up oil toxins and their droppings are still contaminated.  It’s a vicious circle of life and this terrible spill has negatively affected too many species to be able to count.

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      Do you think the affects of this oil spill will be found in every step of the food chain, or do you think the traces of oil will be so minimal by the time it reaches its way up the food chain that it won’t matter?

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      Even if the traces of oil/pollution in our food chain are minimal, we can still be negatively affected if we injest some. This spill has been so huge with such enormous ramifications, that it must have entered at least the North American food chain.

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