What kind of animal is a chinchilla?



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    Chincillas are rodents — they are related to squirrels, gerbils, hamsters, beavers, etc. They’re found in Andes mountains, and look a bit like large, fluffy gerbils, and a bit bigger than most ground squirrels. They’re fairly popular as pets, and are very fond of dust baths.

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    The Chinchilla is in the family Chinchillidae of the order Rodentia. It’s a type of rodent related to the squirrel but slightly larger. It lives primarily in the Andes region in South America and is mostly active during twilight hours.

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    Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents, slightly larger than ground squirrels, native to the Andes mountains in South America. Along with their relatives, viscachas, they belong to the family Chinchillidae.

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