What kind of farming in America is the best for the environment?



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    In terms of which plants consume the most CO2, it depends on how fast it grows. “CO2 consumption translates fairly directly into dry weight gain. So look for the plants that produce the greatest biomass per hectare per year.”

    Switch grass, hemp, and other fast growing plants would be good crops to drain CO2. Algaes also devour CO2 faster than most plants. All of these are good candidates for use as cellulosic ethanol, a biofuel. If these were grown to be used in biofuel, the fuel would effectively have a null or negative carbon footprint. In other words, the fuel would be helpful to the environment instead of harmful.

    In addition to the two links you can also read this article about biofuels, http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=the-fuel-of-the-future-is-grassoline.

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