What kind of air conditioning systems are in skyscrapers?



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    Air conditioning in skyscrapers are usually part of a system in conjunction with heating systems.  It is usually made up of a central unit with ventilation ducts.  Both heat and air conditioning can be circulated on this system.  However, engineers are constantly trying to find new ways to make existing systems such as these more eco-friendly.  For example, in New York, a skyscraper creates air conditioning by ice cooling.  This is done by freezing all of the water in the building overnight and allowing the cool generated by the blocks to circulate through pipes throughout the building.

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    This system gets its name from the way it uses the difference between the outdoor air temperature and the indoor air temperature to heat (or cool) a home. During the summer, the air-source heat pump functions as an air conditioner; during the winter, it runs in reverse to provide heat. Properly installed and connected to a well-designed (and tight) duct system, an air-source heat pump can deliver up to three units of heating (or cooling) energy for every unit of electric energy it consumes—except in very cold weather, when a backup resistance heating system must supplement the heat pump’s output.

    Because it heats and cools, an air-source heat pump is a good choice for replacing an existing heating and cooling system or when you need a new furnace and want to add central air-conditioning. Look for a heat pump with a high HSPF and SEER rating. The best units have a two-stage compressor that runs in a low-power, energy-saving mode most of the time, along with a variable speed blower motor that minimizes noise and energy consumption.

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