What is Kevin Costner’s oil spill cleanup idea?



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    He is co-owner of Ocean Therapy Solutions. 

    They have designed a filtering machine which can separate crude oil from water up to an efficiency of 99%.  It was a 12 year development project and they have invested millions of dollars.  

    There is a video link posted that explains further the process of the filtration machine, but it is pretty simple in theory.  The machine takes in the water oil mixture, removes the oil and releases clean water back into the ocean.  BP bought 32 machines which each has a capacity to filter out 2,000 barrels of oil a day.  Good stuff Kevin Costner.

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    Costner has invested $20 million and spent the past 15 years developing an oil-separating centrifuge, founding Ocean Therapy Solutions along the way in order to advance his brother’s research in spill cleanup technology.  The device has proved effective at processing 128,000 barrels of water a day and can remove up to 99% of the oil from it.

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    It is much more than an idea, actually. Costner owns a centrifugal separator technology that is 15 years in the making. Costner has reportedly spent $24 million of his own money in developing it, and he is currently waiting on BP to follow through on their intent to buy 32 devices that separate oil and water. The hold-up is due to testing and federal regulatory approval. The beauty of the device is that the oil can be collected in containers while the water is ejected back into the ocean.

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