what is jupiters largest moon?

jupiters largest moon



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    Jupiter’s largest moon is called Ganymede.  It is part of the set of moons called the Galilean satellites, first discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610.

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    Out of Jupiter’s 63 confirmed moons, the four Galilean moons are the biggest of them all. Those four moons, discovered by Galileo all range in size with all of them over 1,900 miles in diameter. The largest of the four moons is called Ganymede. It is the ninth largest object in the solar system after the sun and the seven planets. Ganymede is the seventh moon and third Galilean Satellite outward from Jupiter. It has a diameter of 3270 miles, 8% larger than the planet Mercury. It contains the highest mass of all planetary satellites, with 2.02 times the mass of the Earth’s moon. 

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