What jobs have the greatest impact on the prevention of environmental problems?



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    “Big Energy” jobs. People employed in coal mines are one opposition party against the switch to green energy and a healthier environment. Another group that opposes change are the employees of traditional power plants (half of the plants in the US are coal power plants, these form a strong opposition). Also the managers and white collar employees of the energy conglomerates have a lot to lose by switching over.

    All of these groups perceive they have a lot to lose by switching over to cleaner energy. In reality, they stand to have the most to gain. If the managers had the insight to switch to green energy, they would stay in business instead of going under to new energy sources. If the electric companies stayed in business then the power plant workers would be able to keep their jobs, though in a different power plant. The coal miners are the group that has the most to lose, new energy wouldn’t need as many low skilled laborers.

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