What is it important to reduce packaging?



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    Packing accounts for a slew of environmental problems, including the release of toxic emissions it takes to produce the package, littering, and taking up space in landfills. In 2008, the average person in the United States created 4.5 pounds of household solid waste, and 31% of that was from packaging and containers. Unnecessary packaging takes up some much needed space in garbage containers and landfills. You can reduce this buy using recycled or reusable items and using products with the least amount of packaging possible. By doing so, you can reduce energy consumption and dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Yes, like the previous answer stated packaging causes much damage to our environment. Currently, packaging makes up one-third of muncipal waste in the US. The disposal of packaging is huge burden on the environment. Consider that the US often disposes of packaging in landfills (chemicals can seep into the waste stream) and incinerators (releases toxins in the air).

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    Not only does plastic packaging create a lot of landfill waste that can leak toxins into the environment, but the United States uses over 25 million barrels of oil a year to make plastic packaging. In a time when the United States is concerned about energy security and attempts to reduce pollution, this is a lot of oil to waste on packaging that will almost immediately go to the landfill. 

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